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Modeling ultrasound transmission.

Ultrasound Applications
Our laboratory is well equipped with devices to generate and measure the power, directionality, attenuation, phase change, and transit time of ultrasound, both pulsed and continuous wave, in a variety of media. We can measure temperature, impedance, standing wave ratio, resonance effects, and other parameters associated with radio frequency effects. Frequencies up to 21 MHz and powers up to 100 W can be accommodated. Applications include ultrasound sensors and physical diagnostics.

Analytical Modeling
We have modeled a variety of interactions of ultrasound with tissue, including temperature, propagation of heat, attenuation, and the effects of transducer geometry. These have been guided by models reviewed in reports such as the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 113 and 140. The modeling results assist in designing effective experiments.

Experimental Design & Execution
We have performed ultrasound experiments through water, animal tissues, metals and plastics. Feedback loop techniques such as the “sing-around” method have been used to improve the accuracy of ultrasound effects caused by geometric or material variations in the transmitting medium. Energy harvesting experiments have used a shaker as a vibration source, capacitors to capture the resultant charge, and force sensors and accelerometers to measure the input to the piezoelectric transducer.
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